Client Family Portrait Special

When was the last time you had a family portrait?  As photographers we always go by the rule of thumb that you should have a family photo taken once a year.  But even we don't always manage that.  At the very least once every two years but you'd be surprised at how many people make it a twice a decade thing.  

Particularly when you have children we think it's important to have photos taken frequently.  It's one thing I'm confident you'll never regret. 

With that in mind we are running a family portrait special right now through mid August. If you are a returning client you'll get 70% off any on location family portrait.  Usually $250, after the discount this makes it only $75! This is a huge price discount.  The only catch is that you have to have the session before August 13th.  

If you are a new client you'll receive 50% off a location session. 

Don't have a location in mind?  No problem. We have tons of great locations, just let us know what you are looking for.  

Call now to setup your consult! 360-373-5300.  

Fall Portraits

The fall colors of Kitsap County are the perfect backdrop for your next family portrait. You can choose a custom location, but no matter where you choose to hold your session, the vibrant changing leaves are sure to light up your walls and holiday cards alike.

Once you have a basic wardrobe color scheme, you can incorporate an accent color to add more interest and personality. 

Because this is a fall session, you want to avoid pastel colors, even in your accessories. Jewel tones are a good bet, and for lighter shades, look for a dusty hue, which will complement fall tones well. You want to keep a fair balance of neutrals in the wardrobe, so pops of color don’t take over the portrait. As always, layering looks amazing in portraits, so feel free to experiment with layers, accessories and footwear to create a look that expresses your family best.

To schedule a Fall Leaves family portrait session, call us today! 360-373-5300. 



Continuing Education

We love taking classes.  Even though Hudson has been around for over 60 years and all of our staff is very expereinced, that, will never stop us from taking classes.  There is always something new to learn and the minute we stop learning or think we have nothing else to learn, is the minute we lose.

I remember taking a class a number of years ago on the Business of Photography, sitting next to me in class was a gentleman that had run a successful studio for over 40 years and taught classes of his own.  Why was he there?  He should be an expert right?  Well he was, but he still felt there were things he could take away.   

I think that is the key, no matter what we know, there is always something else to learn.  We'll never stop learning and we'll never stop taking classes.  

Timeless Black & White

We love black and white.  Believe it or not, once upon a time that was all you could do.  Black and white photos.  

One of the cool things about being around for so long though is we still legitimately have photos and sessions from a time where Black & White was the only option.  We still even have our working Darkroom in the basement.  It still works too!  A good friend of ours, world famous photographer Ulvis Alberts, even uses it sometimes to develop his film.  

At any rate we still love Black & White and it's still a big part of our photography.  Even though we photograph everything in color and convert it to black and white it still isn't as simple as it sounds.  There still is a very particular way to light the proper black and white photographs to get the look that you want.  Helps having a 5000 square foot studio to pull this off! 

Black & White Portraits are timeless and we don't anticipate ever stopping creating timeless portraits in color and of course, Black & White.  



Bremerton Cash Mob - Shopping Local

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We are so excited to see things like this.  A Cash Mob was created in Bremerton.  Recently they decended on CJ's Evergreen General store, located right next to where we photograph a lot of our High School Seniors.  

The idea behind the Cash mob is to promote and support local businesses.  We couldn't be happier with this idea. Money spent in the community is filtered out back into the community not only through taxes paid directly through sales tax but also business taxes, wages etc.  There is a multiplier effect happening and it's good for everyone. 

We've seen many businesses come and go and if there was more local support perhaps more would be able to stick around a bit longer.  The reality of our times is people are shopping for the best deal and sometimes we only look for that super cheap price and forget about value.  Anyways, I suppose I'm starting to get off topic.  

At any rate, we think the Bremerton Cash Mob is a fantastic idea and hope they continue what they are doing. King5 wrote about them HERE and they have a facebook page that can be found HERE.  Go ahead and 'Like' them on FB and consider joining the next one!

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Specials, Specials and more specials!

April and May are the months to get some really great special deals.  Currently we have specials for Seniors and for Babies!  So if you have a High School Senior about to leave the nest or a newborn baby that just joined the family, you won't want to miss out on these deals.  

2012 Graduates.  Most seniors get their photos taken in the fall but if you missed out on those specials, it's not too late!  Go to our Senior Promo Page to see our current offerings!  

Have a 2013 High School Graduate?  Well those specials are right around the corner.  Like 75% off?  Like our FACEBOOK page to be the first to know how to save!

Newborns.  Do you have a newborn or know someone that does?  Or even someone that is pregnant? Tell them to contact us right away! 360-373-5300.  For the months of April and May we are giving away a limited number of newborn sessions each month.  We have just a few and once they are gone for the month you'll only be able to get newborn sessions and the normal price of $79 per session.  We have a slideshow up on our Newborn/Baby Promo page.   

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Kids Slide Show

Take a look at some of our cute kiddos we've been photographing!  We love slideshows and we love photographing kids!

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