Fall Portraits

The fall colors of Kitsap County are the perfect backdrop for your next family portrait. You can choose a custom location, but no matter where you choose to hold your session, the vibrant changing leaves are sure to light up your walls and holiday cards alike.

Once you have a basic wardrobe color scheme, you can incorporate an accent color to add more interest and personality. 

Because this is a fall session, you want to avoid pastel colors, even in your accessories. Jewel tones are a good bet, and for lighter shades, look for a dusty hue, which will complement fall tones well. You want to keep a fair balance of neutrals in the wardrobe, so pops of color don’t take over the portrait. As always, layering looks amazing in portraits, so feel free to experiment with layers, accessories and footwear to create a look that expresses your family best.

To schedule a Fall Leaves family portrait session, call us today! 360-373-5300. 



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