Specials, Specials and more specials!

April and May are the months to get some really great special deals.  Currently we have specials for Seniors and for Babies!  So if you have a High School Senior about to leave the nest or a newborn baby that just joined the family, you won't want to miss out on these deals.  

2012 Graduates.  Most seniors get their photos taken in the fall but if you missed out on those specials, it's not too late!  Go to our Senior Promo Page to see our current offerings!  

Have a 2013 High School Graduate?  Well those specials are right around the corner.  Like 75% off?  Like our FACEBOOK page to be the first to know how to save!

Newborns.  Do you have a newborn or know someone that does?  Or even someone that is pregnant? Tell them to contact us right away! 360-373-5300.  For the months of April and May we are giving away a limited number of newborn sessions each month.  We have just a few and once they are gone for the month you'll only be able to get newborn sessions and the normal price of $79 per session.  We have a slideshow up on our Newborn/Baby Promo page.   

Have you LIKED our facebook page to stay on top of all the deals?  

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