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  • Published April 11th, 2012 by Hudson Photography
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We are so excited to see things like this.  A Cash Mob was created in Bremerton.  Recently they decended on CJ's Evergreen General store, located right next to where we photograph a lot of our High School Seniors.  

The idea behind the Cash mob is to promote and support local businesses.  We couldn't be happier with this idea. Money spent in the community is filtered out back into the community not only through taxes paid directly through sales tax but also business taxes, wages etc.  There is a multiplier effect happening and it's good for everyone. 

We've seen many businesses come and go and if there was more local support perhaps more would be able to stick around a bit longer.  The reality of our times is people are shopping for the best deal and sometimes we only look for that super cheap price and forget about value.  Anyways, I suppose I'm starting to get off topic.  

At any rate, we think the Bremerton Cash Mob is a fantastic idea and hope they continue what they are doing. King5 wrote about them HERE and they have a facebook page that can be found HERE.  Go ahead and 'Like' them on FB and consider joining the next one!

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Robin Henderson  commented on  May 25th, 2012

Great blog post, come join the Mob! PS; My daughter loves her graduation photo's!

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