Timeless Black & White

We love black and white.  Believe it or not, once upon a time that was all you could do.  Black and white photos.  

One of the cool things about being around for so long though is we still legitimately have photos and sessions from a time where Black & White was the only option.  We still even have our working Darkroom in the basement.  It still works too!  A good friend of ours, world famous photographer Ulvis Alberts, even uses it sometimes to develop his film.  

At any rate we still love Black & White and it's still a big part of our photography.  Even though we photograph everything in color and convert it to black and white it still isn't as simple as it sounds.  There still is a very particular way to light the proper black and white photographs to get the look that you want.  Helps having a 5000 square foot studio to pull this off! 

Black & White Portraits are timeless and we don't anticipate ever stopping creating timeless portraits in color and of course, Black & White.  



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